Paleo Pancakes tips and tricks

June 28, 2012

 Ah the pancake!  What is it about the simplest ingredients that combine to make the stuff that dreams are made of?  Crêpes, flapjack, panquecas, or galette bretonne, look to any corner of the world and you will find some form or version of it.  No one really knows who invented the pancake, but the Romans do get some credit as they have the earliest evidence of what they called “Alita Docia”, (another sweet). 

     Everyone has a favourite recipe.  Luckily for the modern day caveman we have a great paleo breakfast idea with plenty of amazing foods that makeup a fantastic paleo pancake.  Change it up however you want.  Follow these tips and you can turn just about ANY pancake lover over to the caveman’s side.

1) ALMOND FLOUR – If there is one thing you take away from this post, let it be this; if you want fluffy pancakes then you need very fine almond flour.  Almond meal is not to be confused with almond flour.  Almond meal is usually not as fine and can often produce a grainy texture.

2) SIZE DOES MATTER – The smaller, the better.  Smaller pancakes flip better and cook evenly.


3) IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SYRUP! – Yup that’s right 100% pure Canadian maple syrup.  The true north strong and free!  Do we not eat pancakes just for the excuse to consume maple syrup?

4)  MIX IT UP – Add in coconut, berries, walnuts or even chocolate if you are feeling cheeky! 

5) FLATTOP GRILL – Using a flat top grill can really give you the culinary edge to fool any skeptic!  Make sure the grill is hot!

6) DOUBLE THE BATCH – Paleo or not, pancakes are a treat.  However, being prepared can make a busy day go a lot smoother with a little preparation.  If you double the batch, you can store the rest in the fridge for a couple more days and be able to whip up some quick pancakes.  Even better, cook all the pancakes at once.  Take half of the batch that you made and store it in the freezer.  These frozen pancakes can be tossed in a toaster for a quick breakfast.

Here is a pretty basic recipe that you will want to play around with.  Get creative with your recipe.  Make it yours. 

·        4 eggs

·        1.5 cups of JK gourmet almond flour

·        1 tsp. of baking soda

·        2 tsp. of vanilla

·        1 tbsp. of agave syrup

·        1 cup of coconut milk

First combine eggs and whisk together, then add to dry ingredients.  Then add syrup and coconut milk to dry ingredients.  Mix until smooth consistency is produced.  Pour batter onto a flattop and follow our tips and techniques. Enjoy!


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