Quick and Easy Paleo Appetizers

by Clayton Du July 04, 2012

  I am sure the lot of us who have followed paleo for some time have been to a paleo pot luck party or two.  I always see a lot of the same appetizers show up.  Bacon wrapped everything shows up on the table.  Usually at least 4 kinds of bacon wrapped dates, (which really in hindsight is probably a good thing because if 4 different people didn’t bring them then I would not be able to stuff my face into a bacon coma, totally allowed at a paleo party, right?).  We are all very busy and resorting to the tried and tested is the easy option, but so boring!  You can still bring a star appetizer and take 5 minutes to throw together.  We really couldn’t have made it any simpler.  We encourage you to play around with all of our recipes.  Being creative with new foods makes being paleo so fun.  The final product was we came away with 3 different flavours to top the JK Gourmet’s biscottis.  


 The dried peach and pistachio are actually very thin and resemble much more of a melba toast.  This makes the perfect start to your paleo appetizer creation.  



Creation #1:    "West Coast Toast"


Here we used one of BC's finest exports, wild pacific sockeye salmon.   Use the oil and brush on to toast.  Flake off large chunks of salmon and place onto toast and top with dill.


Creation #2:    "Bacon jam on toast"

Yes, you heard right, bacon jam!  A very goof friend of mine made me some delicious bacon jam that I slathered all over!



Creation #3:    Mangoes and strawberries, yum!

Oh this one was my favourite!  I used freshly pick strawberries grown in Pemberton.  I sliced the strawberries in half and then drizzled a mango balsamic vinaigrette all over.  The tart and sweet was a great combination, especially when you got the extra bit of crunch from the pistachio.



As you can see, it is so easy to throw something together.  You really do not have any excuse when it becomes so simplified.  Let us know what creations you came up with.  Use your local farmers market for fresh produce and herbs, the possibilities are endless!

Clayton Du
Clayton Du


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