30 day paleo challenge

by kara thornton September 30, 2012

 Yes you have read about it many times, heard different gyms, coachs, athletes, moms and regular Joes tackling the tough challenge of a strict 30 day paleo diet.  Some of you may have completed one before or perhaps you have no idea what it entails.  Well the team at Caveman Grocer is taking up the challenge for the month of October.  We will be publushing recipes, food journals, before and photos and measuring our strength before and after the challenge.

The Rules:

No Grains

No Dairy

No refined sugar

No Soy, beans or Legumes

To help measure results the Caveman Grocer team has taken a measurement of weight, waist circumference, biceps, chest and thighs.  We have also completed a Crossfit Total and the famous wod Fran. We have also taken before and after photos

The Caveman Grocer team has been Paleo for some time.  However, we are pretty relaxed on how strict we do things around here.  This is a strict 30 day program.  It is important to remember that just because it is paleo does not mean you can gorge away.  We will eat lots of fresh veggies, good fats and grass fed meat but take it easy on the nuts and fruits.  Make sure to check back over the coming weeks to check our progress, look over food logs and see what recipes we have been using. Feel free to email us with any questions you may have.  I am not an expert, nutrionist or Chef by trade, just passionate about this way of life.

 Wish us luck!


kara thornton
kara thornton


The head chief of Caveman Grocer.

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