5 gadgets/appliances every Paleo kitchen MUST have!

by Clayton Du October 26, 2012

If you dont have these 5 items in your kitchen, you are missing out!  Don't make your paleo lifestyle any harder than it has to be!


1.  Freezer:   

This is number one for so many reasons!  Its now more apparent we pay attention to our meat sources, so when you can find it locally you need to snap it up.  Plenty of local farms sell whole pigs, chickens, cows and lamb to their loyal customers.  You get a good deal when your buying a whole pig.  Whether you buy your meat from us or your local farmer your getting a great product, saving a ton of money, and doing a great service in supporting your local community.  Oh lets not forget the coming zombie apocalypse which you are now stocked for!

2.  Slow Cooker:   

Our team at caveman grocer plays outside a lot in the mountains on the beautiful West Coast of Canada.  After spending a day of hunting powder, we look forward to coming home and smelling the sweet aroma as you walk in the door.  A slow cooker is also another great way to cook a really cheap or gamey piece of meat; low and slow. There are a ton of great recipes out there.  Simply throw in your ingredients, set it and come home to a fantastic meal!

3.  Spiralize/Mandolin:    

 OK so being the amazing paleo chefs we are (ahem, yes I am, my mom tells me so!) I have both a spiralizer and a mandolin.  What is the difference?  Well a spiralizer will take a vegetable and make long noodles.  A mandolin will julienne or quickly chop up vegetables, great for making your own sweet potato chips!

4.  Pyrex Glass containers with lids:     

I use these for everything, storing, cooking organizing or to take food with me.  After I come home from grocery shopping I cut up most of my veggies and sort into glass containers.  When I make any sort of casseroles, meatloaf's or baking dishes I will usually divide into smaller portions and put into the pyrex glass containers.  On busy days (who am I kidding, every day is a busy day!) I pull out some veg, throw on my garlic olive oil and bake in the oven.  There a great way to help organize your busy paleo lives.

5.  Food Processor: 

I myself am wondering why this one is last.  My little food processor gets a workout just about every single day.  Without this baby, there are few recipes I can pull off.  Investing in a good one is key!  With a processor you can make your own mayonnaise, creamy avocado sauces, become a mix master!   Look for one that has a good warranty and has parts that will be easy to clean.  It should be said for any blades that are used to cut or process should not go in the dishwasher as this will dull the blade.


Clayton Du
Clayton Du


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