My lunch went bento!

January 16, 2013

           Life just got a little bit simpler!  For the past 2 years of my Paleo life, I have struggled with bags of containers, forks and knives.  You have to keep the tomatoes separate from the salad, or you will have wilted salad.  If your almonds are around anything moist then they lose their crunch.  Not only do I usually carry around all my containers in a very large bag, but also have to bring utensils and a bowl or plate.  This is really not an ideal situation.  Living paleo definitely has its challenges.  Our team is constantly looking for ways to make the paleo lifestyle easier, accessible and most importantly, convenient. It only made sense we bring our valued customers what made our paleo lives easier.

            The bento is a meal, usually served in a elaborately decorated box that is divided into sections for holding individual portions of food.  It is a staple in Japanese homes.  Bento boxes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and compartments.  Keep all of your food separate, without the need for a million containers.


            The bento box allows you to be creative, and express yourself through food.   A lot of moms are using bento boxes to get their little ones at school to eat.  You could use fun shapes and arrangements.  Using colourful combinations can make lunch time more appealing.


Why go bento?  See our top 5 reasons:


1.  Convenience.  

Leave the house with just one container under your arm. Plus, you will only have one container to wash at the end of the day.


2.  Cost:

            Save a ton of money!  Packing a lunch is a lot cheaper than $10 for a salad, a salad which is probably going to consist of just lettuce, because chances are the toppings and dressings aren’t paleo.  Owning one container keeps you from having to purchase multiple containers.


3.  Trendy:

            My little oval bento is cute.  I feel so much pride when I pull it out to see what goodies I have for the day.   My ladies out there know what I am talking about, fellas; get ready to impress the ladies!


4.  Leftovers:

            What a great way to eat up your leftovers.  Why not create a little buffet for yourself, perhaps a paleo Sheppard’s pie, pad Thai and some pear with almond butter.   


5.  Green 

No more seran wrap, plastic bags or aluminum foil.  The compartments, tins and muffin cups allow you to stay green. 





So, ready to change it up?  Have a look at our new selection of bento boxes.  Prices start at $9.99.  We have stainless steel and BPA free plastic bento boxes.  Don’t forget to check out the little condiment jars.  These are great for salad dressings, almond butter, etc.

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