Tips and Tricks for Staying Paleo

January 16, 2013


1. Invest in a good food processor- ok so the caveman didn’t have a food processor, but that doesn’t mean you should be cutting everything by hand or using a brick and mortar!  A good food processor will save you tons of time and will give access to the thousand recipes that call for this tool.

2.  Don’t let yourself get to hungry – We really can’t stress this one enough.  Being overly hungry may lead to poor choices.  I’m sure to never leave my house without a snack of some sort to get me through.  Let’s not forget, your days of being able to quickly grab something on the road are over!

3.  If you have to ask if it’s paleo, well, then it’s probably not. – 

“Paleofying” is not what we want to do either.  Sure there are lots of recipes for paleo brownies, paleo cookies or even paleo doughnuts.  Even though you now use unrefined sugars, natural sweeteners will still raise your insulin levels too, so be careful. 

4.  Plan ahead – I usually know when I wake up in the morning what we are eating for the day.  Using a slow cooker can really get you ahead of the game.  There is nothing better than hitting the slopes all day and coming home to a ready-made meal!  Always cook for leftovers.  Leftovers will be your saving grace with this way of life.  The less time we have to spend in the kitchen, the better.  If you know you have a really busy week coming up, then you should prep all your veggies.  I pre-cut my veggies so they can be ready to go in a flash.  Sometimes I spend an entire day baking muffins, paleo breads and casserole dishes.  Muffins hold up great in the freezer and taste fresh when defrosted.

5.  Be careful with what your read – As stated before, new bloggers are emerging on the scene all the time.  Some bloggers seem to take it upon themselves of what is paleo and what is not.  Use common sense and good judgement.   A good forum that I turn to is  Lots of good information there!

6.   Never ever, I mean ever, purchase something from the grocery store that is not paleo.  Since starting the paleo diet 4 years ago I made a commitment to myself that neither my grocery cart nor shelves at home should contain any processed foods.  This really helps down the road.  You should never have “cheats” on hand.  If a craving does come on for something bad, try and make it paleo!  You could be the next great paleo chef and not even know it!

7.  Pay attention to how you feel – this is so important.  Now that you have cut out foods like dairy and gluten, you have a real chance to listen to what your body is telling you.  Do you have an autoimmune disease (i.e. Asthma, crones, eczema?).   Nightshades such as tomatoes or bell peppers can have some nasty effects on people with autoimmune diseases. 

8.  Get your meat in bulk – We purchased a freezer 2 years ago just so we could start buying cow shares, pig shares, etc.  We all know what happened this year with XL plant scare.  Buying directly from a source gives you better buying power.  Talk to the farmer/distributor.  It may say grass fed on the packaging, but do they finish with grain?   Dealing directly with your meat gives you back the power on what goes on the plate at dinner time.  Support your local farmer.  It is imperative we restore our control of the food supply chain. 

9.  Save money when you can – I do shop in the clearance isle quite often, and base my meals around my cheap finds.  The other day I bought a 5 lb. bag of green apples for .50 cents, I made a paleo apple pie with these apples (with lots leftover!)  I also like to keep my eye out on local grocery store flyers.  I love buying roasts on sale.  Make a big roast and have leftovers for days!  

10.  Eat your offal! – Good offal is super beneficial for your health.  I don’t know about you, but I hate offal!  To get my family to eat it, I use it in sauces and stews where it is chopped up small and you can’t really tell that it’s there.  Not mention offal is cheap!  Again we must stress the importance of knowing the source of the meat.  No sense in eating beef liver if the cow gorged on grains and spent its entire life in a small cage ingesting hormones and antibiotics.

11.  Shop at !!!!! Ok so I had to do it, one little bitty plug.  Did you know we offer paleo products that are super-duper hard to find?  We are the only guys on the west coast to offer coconut wraps and one of the few to sell coconut aminos (a re-placer for soy, a real staple in our cupboard, and I do believe Jordan drinks this stuff by the liter :-P).  We are constantly searching for new and interesting products.  We adhere strictly to the paleo diet, and we stick to our guns that everything we sell must be PALEO!  Of course there is no gluten, no dairy and no refined sugar, but we also ensure that the correct oils have been used; no sneaky preservatives or soy shows up in our foods either.   From time to time you will see fresh made paleo foods in the top shelf of the fridge.  All pre-made food we bring in is designed to be eaten cold/hot and on the go.  If you see Travis or me in the gym, don’t hesitate to ask us with any questions you may have.  We love our community, and without you guys, we would be nowhere.

12. HAVE FUN – And thank yourself constantly for allowing your body to eat and perform the way nature intended.

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