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Last week we delivered a ton of grass fed beef to our sea-sky and Vancouver residents.  The feedback on the beef has been phenomenal, and were so happy everyone was so stoked!  Our customers received a number of different cuts of the cow.  After dividing up the meat, we had a lot of offal leftover.  For those who are unfamiliar with offal; Websters dictionary states:


1.the waste or by-product of a process: as

a : trimmings of a hide

b : the by-products of milling used especially for stock feeds

 c : the viscera and trimmings of a butchered animal removed in dressing 
2: rubbish
If I were to ask the majority of our customers who purchased the beef, they just may agree with this definition.  We asked our customers, "hey we have a bunch of offal left over, did you want some?"  A.k.a., free food?  Do you know how many customers said yes to free offal?  Big fat ZERO.  I think many of us have no problem gnawing on the muscle of an animal, but the liver, or heart, gross!  I will admit, I'm not all that fond of offal. In countries like France, offal is used in some the highest regarded delicacies.  In China, there is a dish called luzhu, which uses the pig lungs, intestines and a slice of head meat.  The Chinese specialty came about when the poor could not afford to buy meat.  Even in today's day and age where more of the Chinese population can afford to buy meat, offal is still very popular.  As you look at the different countries across the globe, it seems North America just isn't down with their offal.  Where did we miss the message that offal is tasty and good for you?  Well if these points don't get you to at least try, well then you my dear just aint' getting the message!
  • You are a caveman, right?  So do you think that our ancestors ate only the lean, nice looking parts of the animal?  Of course not, you better believe after a tough hunt, you are going to use every single piece of that animal.
  • Offal is chalked full of vitamins that pack a punch in a small portion
  • It's cheap - I always hear people complaining about how expensive a paleo diet is, well here is your chance to cash in those chips!  My advice, befriend your local farmer.  I'd say currently at least 80% of people do not want the offal when they order a cow, a lot of times the packing plant will throw away the offal because a lot do not want it
  • Anti-fatigue factor - Weston A Price produced a study on rats, 1 out of 3 rats were given powdered liver.  The rats were then put in drums with water and basically performed a test of sink or swim.  The rats that had no liver only swam for around 13 minutes, the rats that had liver were able to swim for 63 minutes or longer.  -click here for more on that study .    
Are we ready to get adventurous?  Make sure your offal is free range, and grass fed.  You will be missing out on the many benefits if you are consuming grain fed offal.  Look for organ meats which are plump, glossy and bright.  The offal will have a different smell than meat muscle will, just be sure the smell is not off. 
It is recommended that we get 1-2 servings/week of offal.  That does seem quite a bit for someone who doesn't include it regularly in their diet.  Fear not, as we are here to save the day and recommend tips and tricks for sneaking it into your diet.
  • puree the liver and pour into ice cube trays, take out whenever you need and sneak into your meat-loafs, burgers, or stews.
  • Place the offal in cold water with a tablespoon of salt for a couple hours and this will help cut down on the strong taste
  • liver goes great in burgers, simply freeze your livre and blend in a food processor.  Add your processed liver to your ground beef and it will hide super easy!
  • make a pate - I really can't frame a better picture of real paleo food other than dipping veggies into meat!  Oh and u can add bacon! Say what?  Bacon, ok, so now I have you attention back, check out one of our favourite recipes for liver pate.
  • check out our kid tested liver and beef burgers, if a picky little girl can eat them, then so can you!

So have we inspired you?  What will be the first organ you try?  Beef liver or chicken hearts.  Their are endless recipes out there.  Make a big batch of meatballs or pate and freeze half in the freezer for later.  Your PR's is the gym will thank you!


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Daryl Christensen
Daryl Christensen

April 22, 2017

I don’t know if I would like Offal. I love haggis when the oatmeal isn’t included so maybe. But I have been thinking about getting a dog. And I would feed it to her. I just don’t know where I would find it in Surrey BC.

Are you giving it away? What about bonemeal?

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