Caveman Grocer is turning 5!

by Kara McMaster June 20, 2017

Caveman Grocer is turning 5!

Happy Birthday, Caveman Grocer!

What an incredible 5 years it has been! Caveman Grocer has risen to the top to become of the best meal delivery services that Vancouver has ever seen!  We have delivered over 120,000 meals over this past 5 years (the majority of that number in the last two years) We just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to our amazing customers, suppliers and vendors who have helped this small business become a success!

 (Picture above, what we thought was a huge week for meals! Check out those labels!)

They say it takes a village to raise a child, well it takes one hell of a support system to build a business! Over the 5 years, we have pulled in a lot of favours along the way. Friends, family, the business community of Whistler, have all had a critical part in growing Caveman Grocer. 

 (Pictured above, the team catering the 2014 Crossfit Games North West Regional at the Richmond Olympic Oval)

When Travis and I started, it was just the two of us. We did it all, the cooking, deliveries, customer service, all of it. I'll never forget how ecstatic Travis was about getting our very first employee (I received plenty text messages that week about work being completed that he didn't have to do). To now, 5 years later we have a team of 13 people!

The team at Caveman is a dedicated one. We ask a lot of our staff and they really do give us back so much in return. Travis and I couldn't thank you enough for sharing our vision and working so hard day in and day out. Leading this amazing team is our ops manager, Samy Black. Samy treats Caveman like it's her own baby. Never could I have imagined having someone so dedicated, passionate and hardworking right beside me. She heads and oversees all departments in Caveman and keeps a tight ship! 

Jen Ford joined us about a year ago with the idea to help take over some of the workloads from the administration side. She has been a key element in setting up the best customer service department in the industry!

To our chefs who pour their love of food into the meals, each and every week, we would be nowhere without you (hint, it wasn't Travis or who came up with paleo pizza). Last, but certainly not least, our delivery drivers who wake up at the crack of dawn so our beloved customers get their paleo meals delivered on time, each and every week!


(Rising Star Awards, May 11th, 2017)                            (Our first pop-up restaurant in Brio) 


Thank you to this awesome community that is Whistler, where Caveman Grocer calls home. I meant every word I said during my acceptance speech for the Whistler Chamber of Commerce Excellence Awards, we couldn't imagine starting this business anywhere else in the world. The business community has truly lifted us up and gave us opportunities that we may not have had elsewhere.


(Our farm to truck local food truck concept)

Thank you to our family and friends who have pulled long shifts in the kitchen, helping us sling ribs at CrossFit events and making the occasional delivery.

While I could have easily turned this into a 5000-word essay naming each and every person who has helped us along the way, I shall not bore you!

I will only leave you with this ..... running Caveman Grocer has been the thrill of a lifetime. Running your own business does have the highest of highs and the lowest of the lows. We have hit some major milestones while running this business (one of them being that we catered our own wedding) and are so excited for the future!

Thank you for allowing us to celebrate 5 years in the business!

If you aren't a customer yet (so nice to meet you!) we encourage you to try our 2 free meals promotion. Just pay for shipping (and most areas we only charge $5) and we will deliver two free meals, straight to your door! Click here for two free meals.

Kara McMaster
Kara McMaster


The head chief of Caveman Grocer.

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