Cornucopia is upon us!

by kara thornton November 10, 2016

Cornucopia is upon us!

It's that time of year again! Whistler's premiere event, Cornucopia.

"Cornucopia is the True North of food & drink festivals – a place of culinary reckonings, where the wild meets the refined and the epic and the epicurious come together." - from

In November, everyone comes out from changing of seasons and celebrates the amazing and rich restaurant culture our little town has.  We celebrate chefs, winemakers, breweries and all of the amazing local farmers and producers.  

Each year we are asked to participate in one of the events, with the exception of this year which we are asked to participate in 3 EVENTS!  We could not have been more excited!

Be sure to come us out one of these three events:

Picnic - Tix $52 - SOLD OUT

This is the grand opening event of cornucopia.   It's a full celebration of Whistler’s culinary excellence.  This event we will be featuring our Caesar Gazpacho Shooters.  It's our take on the famous Caesar cocktail, but made into a gazpacho, with a piece of crispy bacon.


  • When: Thursday, Nov 17, 2016 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM

Master ancient basics of healthy cooking - the building blocks to creating delicious and nourishing recipes. Immunity, regeneration, and vitality are bolstered through traditional cooking methods that have been used for centuries to flood the body with minerals, enzymes, and nutrients that your body craves. Learn how to make nutrient dense bone broth, and how to wisely source the bones you use. Learn how to make your own ghee, and why it's healthier than using butter and the best fats to use in cooking, and why all fats are not created equal.

Coupon Code, get 25% off!  Use NOURISH25 - at check, go to link:


  • Friday, November 13, 2015 8:00 PM to 10:30 PM

This will be our fifth year in a row doing this event!  Wow! Every year we showcase our most famous, Pemby Pad Thai! Unfortunately this event is already sold out, but if you do have tickets, we will see you there!

"Straight from the streets of Mexico city, Paris, New York, Shanghai, London, Dublin and Shinjuku, Cornucopia present the Night Market, focussing on incredible cuisine from across the globe. Demonstrating the wonderful adaptability of wines, beers and liquors, attendees enjoy this fun-filled evening bursting with incredible flavours. " - from


kara thornton
kara thornton


The head chief of Caveman Grocer.

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