About our subscription service


How does it work?

1.  Choose a meal plan that best suits you.  Each week is a brand new menu.  Should you have a special request, give us a shout and we can make the arrangements for you.

2.  Create your online account.  This account will allow you to go in, make changes, pauses or cancellations should you need to do so. We strongly advise emailing through your requests to us to process so there is no mistakes.

3.  Every Monday your order is automatically delivered.  Once you set up the subscription, you do not need to remember to order, it is all done for you!

4.  Mangia, mangia!  Our fresh food is good for 5 days from delivery, in the fridge.  Our frozen meals are good in your freezer for 6 months!



Why sign up for the service?


  • No more forgetting or missing orders. Be sure that every Monday our delivery drivers will be dropping off your order!
  • By signing up for the subscription service you get an additional 5% off. Savings = free food.
  • One click and you are set up.
  • Should you need to make any changes to the order, pause or cancel, please do so before Thursday each week.
  • There is no contract or commitment, if you need to pause or cancel, you can do so with your on-line account or by simply giving us a call or email.