About Us


First, we want to say thank you for taking the time for getting to know our mom & pop shop a little better. Caveman Grocer is a locally run business located in beautiful Whistler, BC. We prepare and create ready made paleo meals. We cook in small batches and deliver all over the lower mainland of BC. Our paleo dedicated kitchen has been at it for over 4 years. We once tried to calculate how many of our famous banana bread loaves have been made, but once it hit over the 6000 mark, we lost count!

We take great pride in our food. We use the highest quality ingredients, old school cooking techniques all while following a paleo protocol. Our quest is to create delicious & tasty meals, the fact that they are healthy and nutrient dense, is just another added benefit!

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About the founders

We are a husband & wife team who live and breathe Caveman Grocer. When we started the company, we had no idea the kind of impact we would make. We started off by doing small crossfit events and focusing on the paleo dieters. Before we knew it, families who didn't even know what the paleo diet was, were ordering weekly.

We pride ourselves on the commitment we carry towards pasture raised meats and sourcing as locally as possible. What we feed our customers is what we feed our family. Over the years, some of our customers have become to feel like extended family. Feeding people week after week, you create a very close relationship, some without ever meeting in person.

Thank you for stopping by and meeting the family.  We can't wait to meet yours!

Best Regards,

Kara & Travis McMaster

"Giving you back your time, Delivering meal excellence!"

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