Ingredients Policy

No Grains or gluten.

Be safe and feel certain that our kitchen does not use any products that contain gluten. We don't touch any kind of grains as they are not part of the paleo diet. Whether you are paleo or not, feel assured knowing we are packing meals full of macro & micro nutrients.

No Dairy

Dairy is a big no-no on the paleo diet. It can cause inflamation and wreak havoc on the digestive system. While we have many ways to make a dish creamy or "butter," no for certain we keep the dairy out!

No Refined Sugar

When it comes to our meals, we keep the sugar out! Sugar spikes insulin levels in our blood, thus causing issues with inflamation, weight gain and a whole host of other problems. We do make the occasional treat, but no it's usually made with local organic honey or maple syrup.

Free range, pasture raised meats.

All of the chicken, pork, & beef is sourced from local farms. The animals we choose to buy come from ethical sources. These animals lived out to pasture, taking in the sun and eating bugs, just the way it was intended.

Do you have other allergies?

No problem! Simply let us know after you have placed an order. Send an email to: