Ingredients Policy



We are very proud to say that all of our food at Caveman Grocer is Paleo!  We understand that our customers lead super hectic lives.  Following a Paleo diet is time consuming.  We have done all the research for you. Every product we carry must meet our very strict standards of:

Yes we do carry foods which contain natural sweeteners such as honey or maple syrup.  All ingredients are listed for every product we carry.  If we wouldn't feed it to our family, then we certainly wont feed it to our customers!  Have a question about something in our food?  Feel free to contact us!  We hope that you can put your families trust in our hands.

At Caveman Grocer we don’t have degrees in nutrition. .The Paleo/Primal lifestyle works because this natural, non-refined food is what our bodies want to eat. It gives us the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fats and proteins our bodies need to function correctly without adding all of the other non-nutritive bits found in non-paleo foods. We do research to the best of our abilities and read as much as we can to stay informed.

We are not Doctors. If you are considering changing your diet, exercise routine or lifestyle, we suggest you talk to your doctor first.