pure + paleo

pure+paleo Story


pure+paleo, a local artisan “healthy” chocolate company was founded by a self-proclaimed foodie, home chef and health nut who was suddenly diagnosed with food sensitivities - turning her world up side down. After all, being a lover of food and having to face cutting out everyday treats and baked goods is no easy task.


As a health nut and gourmand, she knew there had to be a better way of living with food sensitivities. And thus, our healthy chocolate pyramids were born.


Packed full of power foods and the best ingredients, our pyramids deliver pure simple goodness satiating the most discerning of tastes while also providing the freedom to the millions of food sensitivity and allergy sufferers to enjoy a healthy treat without the hangover affects of traditional chocolates and treats.


Our chocolates are made by hand with the most care in selection of ingredients. We pride ourselves on using a grain free, gluten free, dairy free and paleo facility to produce every chocolate pyramid. Our focus on a non-processed, no fillers or nasty additives system of chocolate making ensure that every pyramid delivers all of the health properties of their ingredients without the side effects one may have eating traditional chocolates.


As a local business owner, we pride our selves on a “back to basics” practice where we use the simplest ingredients making each chocolate by hand. We source our ingredients locally when possible and work with other local business owners to produce our chocolates including: partnering with Caveman Grocer for production and direct to consumer sales; using  Natera hemp seeds in our products; and finally TAXI to build our brand.


 Our chocolates aren’t just about fulfilling that desire to have something really tasty without any of the guilt, but also about building a community and supporting a healthy lifestyle for a better future.