BBQ Pork on Noodles

  • I am sure you are full aware of the love our paleo chefs share for south-eastern Asian food.  Vietnamese is a favourite and the sweet spices that lemongrass can add to pork are like no other!  Our pork is free range raised in Abbotsford.  Each meal comes with a perfectly cooked 120g of pork sitting on top of spaghetti squash noodles. Smothered in asian style sticky bbq sauce.
  • PROTEIN: Free Range Pork- oven roasted

    SAUCE: Asian BBQ - (canned tomato, olive oil, house made bone broth, shallots, coconut aminos, ginger, coconut nectar, garlic, tomato paste, sesame oil, green onion, apple cider vinegar, redboat fish sauce, sesame seeds)

    SIDE: Spaghetti Squash, roasted and pulled. Seasoned with salt

    GARNISH: Sesame seeds

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