FROZEN- Butter Chicken

  • A classic Indian cuisine inspired dish without all the gluten and dairy! We use real Indian spices and free range local chicken. This sauce features our own coconut butter to bring rich and deep flavours. Our customers in the past have told is this the best butter chicken they have ever had!

  • Ingredients: free range chicken, butternut squash, tomatoes, pumpkin puree, house made bone broth, coconut milk, onion, tomato, ground cumin, garlic, EV olive oil, paprika, sea salt, tandoori spice, turmeric

  • Scan this barcode for Butter Chicken (350g classic) into your MyFitnessPal app to easily track your nutrition

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Frozen, Ready Made Meals

Our line of ready made frozen meals are super popular. They go from frozen, to hot and ready in under 10 minutes. Never scramble to serve a nutritious meal when you have these meals on hand. 

Classic Vs. Jurassic

Our classic size frozen meals come with 4 oz of protein, and an over all weight of 350 grams.

Our Jurassic size frozen meals come with 8 oz of protein, and an over all weight of 700 grams.

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