FROZEN- Seafood Laksa

  • A favourite Malaysian classic seafood soup. Ours features sustainable seafood and all things paleo! Spaghetti Squash brings the noodle-soup vibe. Be sure to stock up on these as, they are a quick, tasty & super convenient meal.
    *may contain small shells on baby shrimp
  • Ingredients: pacific cod, shrimp, broth, coconut cream, carrots, spaghetti squash onion, house-made laksa paste. Contains shellfish.

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Frozen, Ready Made Meals

Our line of ready made frozen meals are super popular. They go from frozen, to hot and ready in under 10 minutes. Never scramble to serve a nutritious meal when you have these meals on hand. 

Classic Vs. Jurassic

Our classic size frozen meals come with 4 oz of protein, and an over all weight of 350 grams.

Our Jurassic size frozen meals come with 8 oz of protein, and an over all weight of 700 grams.

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