Macro Plan

Recurring Order Details
How do Recurring Orders work?:

- Select your 'Recurring Order 10% off' meal plan and check out. It will now automatically process each week

- Meals are then delivered straight to your door. No muss, No fuss!

- No obligation or contract!

- Enjoy the additional bonus of 10% off each order :)

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  • Stock up your fridge with healthy, simple to heat and eat, Paleo Pounds.
    This Macro Meal Plan was specially created for those on the go, in need of some support, and healthy nutritious meals.

    It features an ever changing variety of vegetables each week plus Grassfed Beef and Free range chicken.
    Simply add protein and vege to your plate, heat, and eat!
    Dinner can be on the table in under 5 minutes!

    Make the most of our recurring order system! 
    Each week, you will receive delicious, pre-portioned, prepared, and precooked pounds of paleo food straight to your door.
    Set, forget, and enjoy :)
  • In the pack you'll get:

    - 1 lb Grass fed Beef
    - 1 lb Free range Chicken
    - 4 lb Variety of Vegetables

    • Check out the easy to follow info blog written by our one and only, Chief Caveman, Kara
      How to Count Macros

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